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Two Films to Not Miss

1 May

After 24 years of previewing films, each year , I find a couple that astonish me.

This year the 2 films that amazed me were “Red Gold” and Imaginary Feasts”.

Red Gold, is the story of how our collection and storage of blood was necessary, and how it came to be. It was necessary because of war wounded but what was troubling was the fact that it could not be stored long enough to get it to the war zones.

Three German Jewish doctors, expelled from Germany, along with Dr. Norman Bethune, were instrumental in figuring out how to separate blood and plasma so that it could be shipped to where it was needed.

The back story of its effect on race relations is fascinating in itself.

The film will be followed by a Skype interview with its director.

“Imaginary Feasts” is the riveting story of prisoners of war who got together and talked about their favourite dinners, and shared recipes of those foods. Some of these were written down and smuggled out of their prisons and can be found today.

The stories of how starving people managed to dream about their past lives is amazing to listen to.