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What We Are Not

25 Apr

My previous blog talked about what we are.
This one will tell you what we are not.

This is how the program is created.
First and foremost, the film has to be a good one.

Films do not need to be made by a Jewish director and by the same token, a Jewish director’s film is not necessarily a Jewish film.

So, what IS a Jewish film? This is part of an ongoing discussion during our programming decisions.

Films about Jewish families-could be any family for example “Moos”, “Love is Thicker Than Water”, “The Pickle Recipe”.

Films that have Jewish characters in them-“No Pain Nudity”, “An Israeli Love Story”.

Films about famous people who happen to be Jewish-Ben Gurion, Mordecai Richler, Heather Booth.

Films MAY have an element of religion in them but it does not necessarily drive the story-“Praise the Lard””The Patriarch’s Room”.

We celebrate Jewish culture around the world and share it with people from all backgrounds to celebrate our common stories.

So, we are a cultural Festival, not a Religious one.

Welcome to our culture!